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A pdf of Daisy’s most recently updated CV [January 2015] is available for download as a PDF here: CV Daisy Pignetti 2015.

Highlights from that document include the following:


Ph.D. English, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, 2010

Field: Rhetoric and Composition Studies

Dissertation: Writing to (Re)New Orleans: The Post-Hurricane Katrina Blogosphere and Its Ability to Heal and Inspire Recovery [Defended March 26, 2010]

Committee: Joseph Moxley (chair), Joyce R. Walker, Trey Conner, Meredith Zoetewey

Abstract: Nearly every website or software application these days features a feed to subscribe to, a network to join, or a social timeline to track—all of which do their part to influence public opinion, promote products, and bring people closer together. Being a blogger exposed me to these user-generated trends, but never did I expect my blog space, or any others, to play such an important role in my emotional well-being; not until Hurricane Katrina hit.

Choosing to share my story as a transplanted New Orleanian watching the disaster unfold from afar in a public forum quickly linked me to other local voices, and soon I discovered a burgeoning “Big Easy” blogosphere. By profiling those who have been directly impacted by Hurricane Katrina and examining their perpetual posting of blog entries, photos, videos, and status updates, this dissertation illustrates how online communications have the ability to evolve into cathartic and socially responsible exchanges during and after traumatic times of disaster.

Relying on qualitative research methods and current scholarship on the blog genre, this dissertation exposes a range of opinions from a population that might otherwise go unnoticed. Much of the importance of these bloggers’ openly shared and permanently archived postings is that those who actively search the Internet in order to better understand the city’s rebuilding efforts can read them and gain a deeper, truer reading of what is going on in what is now a post-Katrina New Orleans.

M.A. English, Northeastern University, Boston, MA, 1999

Field: Composition Studies and Linguistics

B.A. English, Loyola University, New Orleans, LA, 1996

Major: Writing

Minor: Ballet


Computers & Composition; Digital Humanities; Popular Culture & Television; Qualitative Inquiry; Rhetorical Theory; Social Media Policy; Technology, Identity & Community


University of Wisconsin-Stout

Associate Professor, Department of English & Philosophy. 2008-present

  • Undergraduate Teaching: Business Writing, Composition I [Google Generation Learning Community, 2010 & 2011], Composition 2, Critical Approaches to Digital Humanities, Seminar in Digital Humanities, Digital Humanities Capstone, Introduction to Professional Communication, Rhetoric & Style, Professional Communication Capstone, Technical Writing Practicum, and Co-Op Education Experience.
  • Graduate Teaching: Communication Strategies for Emerging Media and Rhetorical Theory.

Director of the following MS in Technical & Professional Communication Thesis/ Field Projects:

  • Lori Rott, Successful Thought Leadership in the Healthcare Industry. Spring 2015.
  • Bob Ryan, Assessment of Communication Tools and Techniques Used by Technical Communication Professionals, Fall 2014.
  • JoDee Mittlestadt, An Assessment of the Emerging Media Campaign Utilized to Engage the UW-Stout Career and Technical Education Graduate Student, Spring 2014.
  • Lisa Topper, Process Documentation Formats: Microsoft Word Versus HTML. Fall 2013.
  • Heidi Decker-Maurer, I Can Has Rhetoric: How Image Macros Address Social Issues in an Age of Participatory Culture. Fall 2012.
  • Carmen Butt, Patient Care and Digital Spaces: The Role of Social Media within Participatory Medicine. Fall 2012.
  • Elizabeth Barone, Texting, Social Media and Literacy: Writing in the Collegiate Classroom. Fall 2011.


Book Chapter: “Dramatic ‘Belated Immediacy’ in John Biguenet’s Rising Water Trilogy.” Eds.Mary Ruth Marotte and Glenn Jellenik. Ten Years after Katrina: Critical Perspectives of the Storm’s Effect on American Culture and Identity. Lanham, Maryland: Lexington, 2014. 17-32.

Book Review: Race After the Internet edited by Lisa Nakamura and Peter A. Chow-White. Technoculture: An Online Journal of Technology in Society. Volume 2 (2012). Available at:

“Think Before You Blog: What Teachers and Students Can Learn About Audience and Academic Responsibility.” Digital Tools in Composition Studies: Critical Dimensions and Implications. Eds. Ollie Oviedo, Joyce R. Walker, Byron Hawk. Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press, 2010. 271-88.

“Twitter, Facebook, Families, and Students.” With Cynthia A. Cochran. Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives. March 2009. Available at:

“Writing the Wrong: Choosing to Research and Teach the Trauma of Hurricane Katrina.” Reflections: A Journal of Writing, Service-Learning, and Community Literacy. 7.1 (2008): 180-86.

“The ‘I’ of the Storm: How Hurricane Katrina Changed My Life and My Methodology,” an invited submission for the special issue on Online Research, Writing, and Citation Practices. Computers and Composition Online. Fall 2007. Available at:


University of Wisconsin-Stout

Recipient, Student Jobs Funding. 2014-2015

Recipient, Just in Time Professional Development Grant. 2013

Participant, Curious Stout Innovator’s Program. Nakatani Teaching & Learning Center. 2012-13

Recipient, Professional Development Grant. 2011

Recipient, Emerging Technology Grant. 2010

Recipient, Just in Time Professional Development Grant. 2009

Team Recipient, Curricular Incubation Grant [MSTPC course proposals]. 2009

Recipient, Emerging Technology Grant. 2009

Recipient, Professional Development Grant. 2008

University of South Florida

Alice Hearne Scholarship for Outstanding Doctoral Candidate. 2008

Alma Bryant Award for Outstanding Graduate Student. 2008

Florida Center for Writers Award for Distinguished Scholarship. 2006

Oxford Internet Institute

Summer Doctoral Programme. Berkman Center for Internet and Society. 2007

Conference on College Composition and Communication

Scholar for the Dream. 2005

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