Welcome to my new site!

Hello everyone!

After trying to regain access to my USF Doctor Daisy blog for weeks now, I finally bit the bullet and bought my own domain name!  More posts and widgets and plug-ins to come, but if you’re ever interested in what I’m doing, in 140-characters or less, you can follow me @phdaisy on Twitter.

I do hope to be able to export that Doctor Daisy content into this blog, but one thing at a time.  Besides, it’s 2009 and a fresh start is called for.  I’m in a new town with a new job and it’s time for some Y@ Change!


Hello world!

Watch this space for the updated version of what was formally writingblog.org/doctordaisy. All those times I said I would cross-post and didn’t have finally caught up with me.
I can’t very well write an article on blogs and then never blog myself!