Tommy Blue Eyes

Ever since I was 4 years old, I’ve had a white cat in my midst. The first was Max, who was deaf. Then came Duchess. Then the queen of them all, Trina, who after 13 long years of living in NOLA sadly didn’t survive Hurricane Katrina.

After Trina died, it took me awhile to adopt one of my own, but when I took a chance [and a long drive] to the Tampa SPCA [which isn’t in Tampa at all but Largo, FL] and saw Sweetness, I knew I had to have her. Sweetness is a diva, and I love her. I’ve even made her into a LOLcat:

sweetness as lolcat

She’s a much better traveller than Trina. My parents took her to Mississippi for the summer of 2007 while Andy and I eloped/honeymooned in Australia, and when we moved to Wisconsin, she flew on the plane with me. Airport security was interesting to say the least.


Now that we have a house of our own, we have more space to share. And while it didn’t make Sweetness happy at all, after browsing the E.C. Humane Society webpage, we couldn’t resist adopting Vito [the grey] in February of 2009 and then Tommy [another all white] in September of that same year. You can see all three in this video. Not sure why YouTube uploaded without audio, but oh well. The point is you see how athletic my Tommy was:

He was only 5 years old, so you can imagine our surprise on Saturday night, after a full morning of running around and afternoon napping, we found him unresponsive on the couch. Poor darling. We still don’t know what exactly happened, but when we took his body to the vet on Sunday morning, she said that he in no way suffered. He went in his sleep, and as my friend told me, “Tommy is gone to kitty heaven, he has many friends there, he is watching you via telescope and hoping you are not too sad.”

As you know from previous blog posts this year, we have little Dexter now who is still a goofy kitten who chases his tail, and that has offered us much needed joy during this sad time. It’s weird to say, but the house feels empty now with only 3 cats in it, probably because Tommy was the most curious of them all and followed us everywhere. We miss him so much and finally today I think the other cats started to notice, which breaks my heart even more. But I will always remember his silly bathing poses and love of his brothers.

my absolute fav pic of Tommy. silly dude with pinky paws. :( on Twitpic

looked up from my computer to see all 3 of my boy cats curled... on Twitpic

Naturally, Sweetness wanted nothing to do with him…her loss!


i can haz kitteh?

All week I’ve had a list of stuff to blog about, primarily how I’ve been teaching with and talking about blogs to undergrad and grad students, but a grant application distracted me.

And then I met this guy.

Kitten to rock star, for scale. Kitten is 14oz. Rock star 16oz. on Twitpic

In brief, my fabulous friend Fabulous Lorraine found this lil guy Friday morning while walking the dog. I “innocently” went over to have lunch and meet the dude, but long story short, brought him home.

His name is Dexter; he’s 4-5 weeks old. The vet weighed him in at 14 oz. on Friday, but I think he’s put on a couple this weekend, heehee.

I can guarantee many more pictures, but here are a few from Photobooth.

mother & child. an unexpected addition to the household.  on Twitpic

oh hai--i can use webcam to be famous on the internetz? first... on Twitpic