the big 4-ohhhh and the #summerofhealing continues into fall

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Since my last #summerofhealing post, I’ve had 4 physical therapy appointments and 3 acupuncture sessions and taken 16 pilates classes, 9 aqua zumba classes, and 15 aquacize classes. Oh, and I turned 40!

#40 #fabulous #bdaygirl #kc

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My final PT appointment was August 10th and I felt I was on a steady incline with healing. I had a routine and was diligently doing my exercises. The past couple weeks, however, despite that routine remaining the same, the aches and pains have returned. Nothing too major, but enough discomfort to get me upset. Even though my PT’s final words of wisdom were, “Just remember, it’s never as bad as you think, but it’s also never as good as you think,” I’ve been focusing on the negative and wondering if I’ll ever walk normally again. That’s all I want!

I try to convince myself that the aches might be my muscles waking up since my right calf is still obviously skinnier than the left, but then I remember that extra bone and think that it, along with my overused tendons, just keep aggravating each other and will continue to do so for the rest of  life unless I get surgery. That might be the worst case scenario. It might not. At a few of the acupuncture appointments it’s become clear that my awkward walking to “save” one tendon is annoying another. I am moving a lot faster than I was in July, but once again I’m at that crossroads of:  Do I need to stay off my feet all together or “use it before I lose it”?


Way back when this foot pain started, I kept saying to doctors and anyone who would listen, “I just want to be dancing for my 40th bday in September.” Well, on Sunday I did go to a very fun club in Kansas City called FunkyTown, but I sat for most of the night. And my legs from the knee down were throbbing the next day. Thank goodness for my friend’s saltwater pool! And Biofreeze!

Biofreeze To GoNow the semester has started, so I’ll have less time to rest. While I tried to stay seated while I taught my classes today, I inevitably ended up walking around the classroom to talk to students. I find it ridiculous to NOT do that, and I hate thinking of myself as limited, but it seems I will need to in order to play it safe.

I have a doctor’s appointment next week where I hope to get more information and a timeline for how long it takes to gain that muscle back.

Wish me luck!

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