It’s officially been a year since this tendinitis pain started. I blame spending most of last summer in flip-flops. When I first went to the doctor, the problem was easily solved by some inserts for my Nikes, but in November some pain returned and subsided, and then hit full force on Christmas Eve. Not fun at all, especially going into the worst winter ever. Cold temps, slippery ice and snow, etc.

I’m in my second round of physical therapy and a little over a week ago would have told you that I felt 90% healed and stronger, but I think that optimism may have led to a few over-exuberant Zumba moves. Yes, I’ve somehow kept teaching at the gym, and I know overuse is a cause of chronic pain, but with Zumba Toning I really don’t jump or travel across the room very much. Everything is centered and on two feet. And the PT folks haven’t told me to stop.

The latest round of exercises is helping [this guy is THE BEST] as are the ASICS and IontoPatches you see below.

This pics is from Thursday and all was fine until yesterday. No idea what I did, but the pain or awareness of pain, even if dull, at ALL times has returned and that’s really got me down. I even have custom inserts now [the word “orthodics” makes me feel VERY old], and perhaps the issue is that I’m still getting used to them. Wasn’t supposed to have another PT appointment for a month, but I’m gonna call first thing in the morning to get one for this week.

Wish me luck!

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