Back in April 2012 I mentioned meeting with an Acquisitions Editor about revising my dissertation into a book. I submitted the revision plan in June 2012, received feedback in October 2012 and then [since no timeline was given for incorporating these revisions] I dropped the ball. Going through the stressful promotion process at my university [on top of teaching a 4/4 and too much committee work] sucked all of my energy. Well, I’ll admit I maintained enough energy to teach Zumba 3 or 4 times a week, but that’s a different energy [and cuter outfits] 🙂

Anyway, while enjoying my summer vacation in Greece, I received an email from the UP’s new editor who asked me to resubmit my book proposal. I took all the feedback into consideration, had an identity crisis about what field to ground my work in, e.g. rhetoric, composition, writing studies, trauma theory, and/or internet research, but eventually submitted the new plan in September 2013 and got the go ahead soon after to implement the plan and resubmit chapters at the end of November.

Enter #AcWriMo.

Having just attended the AoIR conference in Denver [notes on the fishbowl session I moderated need to be posted ASAP], I was reminded how important research like mine on social media and disaster, specifically on Hurricane Katrina and the NOLA Blogosphere, is and that I can’t let the teaching load and service commitments distract me.

So here’s proof that I’m gonna try my damnedest to get those chapters revised by the end of November and the new material outlined:

Not only will this online community motivate me, I think I’ll meet some great academic writers to commiserate with about nonacademic things too.

I’m ready! Opening a blank WORD doc now!