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Sherlockian happiness today! Almost ran off with the hat! on Twitpic

I’m in London right now and that’s me at the Sherlock Holmes museum.

I’m glad I took the time to do that yesterday because I won’t have much free time to run around today. Why? Because I’m STILL formatting my paper for the Oxford Internet Institute. [That’s why I’m in the UK and I can’t wait for the conference to start on Wednesday. Fellow SDP 2007 alums and I present on a panel called “Early Career Scholars and Web 2.0.”]

Let me clarify. The paper has been written for some time now, but with all of the electronic sources, e.g. blog posts, blog comments, wiki edits, listserv messages, emails, I’m pulling my hair out. Of course, I did this all already for my dissertation, but I’ve had to switch to the Harvard Reference System. That’s ok, I know we all need to adapt to different style guides from time to time, but it’s especially frustrating when articles actually published in the journal are different from what the “Instructions for Authors” document says. This site has helped me most.

Sigh. Blame it on the jetlag.

It’ll be finished and uploaded to the Social Science Research Network in an hour or so, but I needed to vent.

P.S. Don’t get me started on how, as an autoethnographic research study, I will prepare the version that removes “all information identifying the author.”