i can haz kitteh?

All week I’ve had a list of stuff to blog about, primarily how I’ve been teaching with and talking about blogs to undergrad and grad students, but a grant application distracted me.

And then I met this guy.

Kitten to rock star, for scale. Kitten is 14oz. Rock star 16oz. on Twitpic

In brief, my fabulous friend Fabulous Lorraine found this lil guy Friday morning while walking the dog. I “innocently” went over to have lunch and meet the dude, but long story short, brought him home.

His name is Dexter; he’s 4-5 weeks old. The vet weighed him in at 14 oz. on Friday, but I think he’s put on a couple this weekend, heehee.

I can guarantee many more pictures, but here are a few from Photobooth.

mother & child. an unexpected addition to the household.  on Twitpic

oh hai--i can use webcam to be famous on the internetz? first... on Twitpic

One thought on “i can haz kitteh?

  1. Dexter is adorable. I was at the vet just the other day and she had two little kittens in need of a home… I was so tempted. If I didn’t have my 90 lb Airedale TERROR 🙂 I might have brought one home with me as well.

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