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A major benefit to being done with the dissertation is that I can pay more attention to pop culture. Otherwise stated, I don’t have to feel guilty for watching television.

I’ve already mentioned my love of Don Draper and MadMen, but there are all sorts of shows that I’ve recently discovered. Thanks to DVDs and Netflix’s “Instant Queue” I have access to entire seasons at once. These shows include Burn Notice, Boston Legal, Veronica Mars, The Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, and True Blood. Thanks to the internets, I even won Season 3 DVDs of Burn Notice just by leaving a comment on this post. It was offline for awhile but I’m happy it’s back up because I want to use it as an example of “if you answer the assignment, you will be rewarded.”

The most intense show I’ve started watching this year is Dexter. Again, thanks to Netflix we quickly went through Seasons 1-3. I remember reading all sorts of tweets about Season 4, but didn’t seek it out. Once I heard about its dramatic finale, I asked around and was pointed to a site, which shall remain nameless because I’m not sure it’s all together “kosher,” where hubby and I watched all 12 episodes over a 48-hour period. Yes, it’s that good and John Lithgow is that creepy!

With that said, this will be the first season of Dexter where I’ll have to wait week-to-week for a new episode. That might have worked for me with True Blood this summer, but I’m not looking forward to it this time around!

This trailer alone sends chills up my spine

but this conversation with the writers makes me all the more impatient!

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