video driven evolution of skills

I’ve been teaching for 1 week now, and much of my planning and reading for my ENG 101 class has been related to literacy, particularly “What it means to be literate” nowadays. Teaching on a laptop campus has its challenges, but the best part is projection in every classroom. That way, I can show videos and ask students to livetweet responses/comments/questions OR I can ask them to close their laptops and, even if for just a few minutes, focus on only 1 screen.

I’ve used TED talks in the past, JZ’s, Mena Trott’s, and Rives’ contributions being my favs. This one by Chris Anderson, which references “The LXD: In the Internet age, dance evolves…” and which further reminds me of this “participatory media” post by Henry Jenkins, is a new favorite because it focuses on how video offers us new ways to share information, not to mention visually and perhaps physically learn from it:

We don’t get into the YouTube chapter of our textbook New New Media for a couple weeks, but I’ll be interested in hearing how students seek, watch, produce, and incorporate video into their day to day lives, whether for learning or entertainment. I wonder how many will already be familiar with TED and/or other video sites like hulu or dailymotion.

Do you have any video sites that you visit more frequently than YouTube?

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