rhetoric & the “truth”

My favorite way to start a semester in Advanced Rhetoric:

In addition to readings from our three course texts: Rhetoric and Human Consciousness, Rhetoric and Style, and Rhetoric Online, the semester will bring in PDFs of readings like Tania Smith’s “What Connection Does Rhetorical Theory Have to Technical and Professional Communication?”

I also plan to show Thank You For Smoking, The Invention of Lying, Shattered Glass, and, if there’s time, SuperSize Me.

So much to cover and so many arguments to analyze, but I think my upper-level undergraduates can handle it!

It also helps that I’ve got 85-minute class periods. 😉



I’ve been in serious dissertation writing mode this new year which means I’ve hardly tweeted, watched little TV other than that on DVD and returned very few emails. Sorry about that, but that’s what consumes my life when the semester begins. Well, not the TV part.

Anyway, since I am in this dissertation state of mind that means I’ve been in a Tampa/USF mood too, checking in with the graduate program assistant [Lee is amazing!] and talking to current grad students and former faculty. I even checked my USF email account to make sure my final tuition payment went through and was surprised to see a blog comment notification. For months I’ve been trying to log in to my blog.usf.edu space with no success. That’s part of the reason I even started this new space and bought my domain name. Just last week I even checked the main blog.usf.edu site and saw nothing. I figured they took all of them down to save on server space. I don’t think there were many active bloggers using the service. After seeing that blog comment email though, I tried one more time and saw my Doctor Daisy blog as a newly revamped WordPress site! I no longer have my fleur de lis theme over there, which you can see in the web.archive.org version, but that’s OK.

Taking this discovery a step further, I decided to explore the export/import tools since both of my blogs are Word Press. Short story short, it literally took 3 clicks and now this space has ALL 475 of my USF blog posts.

WordPress ROCKS!

Now to update my blogrolls!