another twitter link roundup

And another attempt at NaBloPoMo down the tubes. Oh well! I still plan to post as often as possible, now that I feel that my weeks are more manageable, even with the stacks of grading.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m very much into Twitter and have a growing list of bookmarks on diigo, which are also copied to delicious, and then shared with my 4Cs Emerging Social Software SIG members.

Several I’d like to feature here include:

Some Professors’ Jitters Over Twitter Are Easing

Tweeting in Class

The most recent Pew Report on Twitter and Status Updating [which I heard first at AoIR]

and finally

30 predictions for the future of Twitter, which includes the video below.

Enjoy, and I look forward to updating my own “Teaching with Twitter” page at the end of this semester since I’ve revised the instructions I give students and now assign some readings from The Twitter Book to assist new users. I also incorporate more live-tweeting into my class discussions, calling on students who post in addition to replying to Q&A.

Now let’s all go tweet about this…

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