trying this again


Given the cool stuff I’ve been working on and tweeting about but too lazy to blog, I’m going to try this 30 posts in 30 days challenge again. So far, it doesn’t look like there’s a theme to adhere to either.

I always feel better after I’ve clicked “publish” so here goes!


Disaster 2.0 / AoIR

I’m just back from my first Association of Internet Researchers conference and have to say it was the best conference I’ve attended in a long time. Small enough to not get overwhelmed, and with the half hour breaks in between sessions and the #ir10 Twitter channel, it was quite easy to meet with people I’d only interacted with or read online.

Otherwise stated, it was an excellent place for me to “get my geek on.”

All of the panels I attended included a nice mix of qualitative and quantitative research and the whole time I was reminded of my 2007 Summer Doctoral Programme experience. Lots of supportive feedback and exciting international projects.

What I noticed most was many folks working on multiple projects at once, and the detail with which they spoke actually inspired me to save a planned part of my dissertation for a separate project. I think it’s pretty clear that I have enough to speak on blogs and the NOLA blogosphere rather than try to bring in Flickr, Twitter and audio/video embedding. This way I can go into more detail about how my bloggers differ in terms of rebuilding experience and perhaps even map out how they represent so many neighborhoods across the city.

I’ll write again soon, as I really want to make sure I update this space more often, but til then, let me know what you think of my slides: