paying attention!

I don’t have my notes nearby from when I read the amazing Cynthia Selfe’s Technology and Literacy in the Twenty-First Century: The Importance of Paying Attention but I do recall that book making a significant impact on how I approached teaching with technology, even way back in 2004 when I thought blogs were the biggest thing since sliced bread!

21st century media literacies from JD Lasica on Vimeo.

This video by Howard Rheingold [which is an extension of what he has said the past couple years on his vlog] reminds us that even though many of us are 21st century multitaskers, we should never assume our students have the same set of multiliteracies or practices.

This past year, my first teaching on a laptop campus, I was particularly shocked to learn that some students had only the one email account assigned to them, had never ordered a book from Amazon.com, or had never even downloaded music into I-Tunes. Even those students with ready wifi & ethernet access and the latest OFFICE and ADOBE software suites already pre-installed were much more interested in IM’ing and checking Facebook. Obsessed, I would even say!

Of the 5 essential literacies that Rheingold lists in this video, • Attention • Participation • Collaboration • Network Savvy and • Critical Consumption, I plan to highlight attention the most all semester-long, since it’s the main thing I can lose a few weeks in. We will use Twitter again to participate and collaborate, making the combo of that site and their CMS site part of network savvy, and students will analyze websites as part of critical consumption of their chosen major. But my main goal will be to remain much more interesting than what’s on their screens, even if it means showing them what they look like from my point-of-view, another tactic Rheingold took:

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