a new blogging routine, take 2

Let’s try this NaBloPoMo thing again!

June ended up being a busy travel month even though I was only out of town for 7 days, and I also went down hard with allergies. It being my first summer in Wisconsin, I’m learning about all sorts of new climate changes, wind gusts, and pollens.

But enough excuses. As stated on the NaBloPoMo site, “The theme for July is ROUTINE. Blogging on the theme is not required for inclusion on the blogroll and blogging on the theme is always optional.”

I like that flexibility; however, I may actually stick to the “routine” theme since my remaining summer days will be filled with a steady stream of exercise, reading, writing, tweeting, and prepping for Fall teaching.

And as much as I want to travel again, I think I’m staying put til September when I head to Hot-Lanta for the PSB concert. I cannot wait for that, but til then here are 2 pics from my recent travels:

The first with a cold one at Cheers in Boston


and the second with Mo Rocca at Broadway Bares. Believe me, no one was more surprised than me to see him in the opening number, but mo’ power to him!

mo rocca

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