Twitter in Time


Without these guys, I’d not have much to talk about these days.

As someone I’m following on Twitter said today, “wow…Time magazine actually *gets* Twitter. how odd.” But they do get it, and this statement from Steven Johnson’s essay “How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live” says it all: “In short, the most fascinating thing about Twitter is not what it’s doing to us. It’s what we’re doing to it.”

If you take a look at the report I posted yesterday to my Twitter Research page, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how many different ways students used it to get answers, take notes, talk to one another, get to know me as more than a teacher-bot, etc. I witnessed many conversations between students asking for additional peer reviews & help with converting files from DOCX to PDF. They turned to Twitter rather than email or the D2L discussion forums, and I can only speculate that with ever-growing awareness and use of Twitter, my students will continue to create uses and make meaning, in 140-characters or less.

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