we live in public

We Live In Public TRAILER from We Live in Public on Vimeo.

This film looks amazing, in that freaky kind of way.

“The Truman Show for everyone” [and don’t get me started on how great that Philip Glass PBS documentary was] describes We Live in Public as a “90-minute documentary about the Internet pioneer-turned performance artist Josh Harris… who made $80 million when his Internet-research company, Jupiter Communications, went public in the early 1990s. He used his dot-com millions to fund experimental art projects — surveillance-themed works that seemed to anticipate today’s over-sharing Internet culture of blogs, Twitter and social-networking sites.”

Jason Calacanis wrote about it earlier this year and, given my interest in public writing and communities of support evolving online in new ways than before, I found his definition of “Internet Asperger’s Syndrome” intriguing. [In this syndrome, the afflicted stops seeing the humanity in other people. They view individuals as objects, not individuals. The focus on repetitive behaviors–checking email, blogging, twittering and retiring andys–combines with an inability to feel empathy and connect with people.]

As someone who does repeatedly communicate with people via online spaces more than F2F lately I can see how it might impact one’s socialization; however, I feel I’ve become more social as a result. Will have to think more about this, especially in light of my asking students to use technology more to communicate with me, e.g. virtual office hours and Twitter.