a focus on Twitter

While I created this new site over a month ago, I’ve wasted some time trying to gain access to my former blog’s content, particularly the “social software” category.  It looks like I  may just recreate some of those posts here, as I’ve decided to make the primary focus of this space to track the use of social media in academia and everyday life.

I’ve been a Twitter user for over a year now, and recently presented the preliminary findings of my “Teaching with Twitter” experiment at the Conference on College Composition & Communication [see slides here], so it’s kind of funny to see this new wave of stories about the microblogging social network emerge from the traditional media.

With that said, I’ll be using this site to annotate some of those key moments in popular culture’s understanding of Twitter, not to mention share links to stories that specifically discuss the use of social media in education. 

See below for an example of the former but please also go to this link for a much more resourceful list of 100 Tips, Apps, and Resources for Teachers on Twitter

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