go away Gustav!

Time to get nervous.

I’ve already been on the phone with several NOLA friends who are ready to get outta dodge, although today the maps showed a slight westerly turn:


Still, a lot of people are on edge, and with the 3-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina tomorrow, this new storm is taking me back to my very first Katrina-related blog post where I quoted a lighthearted musician: “I’ll be here tomorrow, I’m not leaving,” said trombonist Eddie “Doc” Lewis. “I’ve been through typhoons, monsoons, tornadoes, hurricanes and every other phoon, soon or storm. I’m not worried.”

Well, things have certainly changed since then, as documented in this NYTimes article “No, We’re Not Nervous. Are We?”: “In Broadmoor, David Brouillette, a musician, was making plans to leave should the storm threaten. ‘A little freaking out,’ he said, ‘in a town where nobody really freaks out about anything, is O.K.’”

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