rising tide 3

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Last year I was honeymooning in Australia, this year I’m in Wisconsin starting a new job and still unpacking the new house.

I hate missing this, especially since my dissertation focuses on this fabulous group of passionate placebloggers, but I’ve already promised myself I won’t miss Mardi Gras next year and I won’t miss Rising Tide 4 either!

The schedule looks great, and if you’re in NOLA, you should definitely go. Those who can’t make it, go remind yourselves of how social networking saved New Orleans by reading this article by the same name.

4 thoughts on “rising tide 3

  1. Thanks for attaching that article, I had not read it before. The power of the internet and social networking is amazing. Sorry you missed the event but congrats on the new home!

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  3. New Orleans is a great city. I went there for the first time since Katrina a couple of months ago and was amazed at how well the city has returned. God Bless those still trying to rebuild.

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