social media literacy and pedagogy

As much as I enjoy the trendy books out there on the internet and collaborative software, Howard Rheingold is the only author of such texts that I know of who also actively considers social media’s impact upon teaching.

Whether it’s his video letting his students see his point of view when looking out into their laptop classroom, his detailed syllabus for a Virtual Communities/Social Media course, or his book chapter on “Using Participatory Media and Public Voice to Encourage Civic Engagement,”I find that all of his work helps me to articulate my own approach to discussing and teaching [freshman in particular] students to recognize and critique the technologies that bombard their lives.

This recent video is brilliant because Seesmic users can leave comments [I may create an account tonight or at least as soon as I get the coveted FlipVideo] AND it’s a widget with tabs that take you to Michael Wesch’s famous video and to a list of links pf all the theoretical readings Rheingold mentions. See for yourself and thank you Howard!

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  1. it is important to understand information literacy and media literacy as two separate terms. Prior to the 1990s, the primary focus of Information Literacy has been research skills. In parallel, Media Literacy traditionally focuses on analyzing the delivery of information. In today’s context, the two terms now need to come together.

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