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Darling I just had a terrible scare when I thought I have not updated this since people stopped clapping and Tinkerbell died… You would not believe how insane my life has become. Apologies to my regular readers! Even the little blue ones!.

I am overwhelmed with an awfully big adventure, personal projects, just generally being a companion to my husband. My day seems to be a litany of stuff and giggles from the first cockadoodledoo from the rooster to midnight. I am plotting and planning. I need a nap.

I absolutely, positively promise you will see me writing more to you in the future. Promise! This is for my ever faithful, devoted public…


social media literacy and pedagogy

As much as I enjoy the trendy books out there on the internet and collaborative software, Howard Rheingold is the only author of such texts that I know of who also actively considers social media’s impact upon teaching.

Whether it’s his video letting his students see his point of view when looking out into their laptop classroom, his detailed syllabus for a Virtual Communities/Social Media course, or his book chapter on “Using Participatory Media and Public Voice to Encourage Civic Engagement,”I find that all of his work helps me to articulate my own approach to discussing and teaching [freshman in particular] students to recognize and critique the technologies that bombard their lives.

This recent video is brilliant because Seesmic users can leave comments [I may create an account tonight or at least as soon as I get the coveted FlipVideo] AND it’s a widget with tabs that take you to Michael Wesch’s famous video and to a list of links pf all the theoretical readings Rheingold mentions. See for yourself and thank you Howard!


product placement

Yesterday I received my first shipment from drugstore.com. While the locals in Wisconsin probably think the weather lately has been hot & humid, it’s been “perfectly perfect in every way” for me. Considering I grew up in NOLA and lived in Tampa for the past 5 years, 86-degree weather is nothing to me! We haven’t even run our air conditioner b/c it cools off so nicely at night.

With that said, I’ve noticed that due to the lack of humidity, I’m needing to moisturize a lot more. I still have my wonderful Nivea Nourishing Care Lotion that I bought in Australia last summer, but my face has been longing for something new. I happened to see Brooke Shields mention that she can’t live without Weleda’s Skinfood, so I went online to search for it.


All the time I was packing for our move I remembered Clancy’s “use what you have” post from last summer, and I do think that with this new whole body cream, I won’t have the need for any other lotions.

While on drugstore.com too I made sure to add Booth’s Green Apple Micro Dermabrasion Scrub to my shopping cart. A friend let me try it in April and I’ve been looking for it at local Walgreen’s ever since. I never was able to, so buying it online was my only option. Again, it works so well, I plan to use it til the tube runs dry.

Maybe I’ve been watching too much of the Style Network, but I want to stick to this decluttered bathroom and streamlined beauty supply cabinet when we move into our house next month!


midnight run to Menomonie, WI

This summer is flying by and I can’t believe it! Here’s a quick time line of events:

In late May, we visited our new hometown of Menomonie, Wisconsin, and checked out several houses. Put in an offer, but was rejected.
In early June, I visited friends in Orlando and was extremely disappointed with the Sex and The City movie!
In mid June, I returned to Daytona for my 2nd year of scoring thousands of AP English Language exams. I had a wonderful roommate and learned a lot once again about holistic grading. Meanwhile, hubby’s parents were checking out an apt for us.
Literally the day I returned from Daytona we called moving companies and, long story short, we realized it would be easier and cheaper to move before the 4th of July than after.
We packed day and night for 7 days straight.
Hubby left Tampa with the car on the 26th and I flew up with the cat on the 30th.
We’ve been here only a week and already have another offer on the same house as before. This time I think we’re going to get it, so watch this space for news and pics tomorrow!

Sorry for the staccato post, but I just got the internet installed today and there’s tons to catch up on! Big hugs and even bigger apologies to those in FL we didn’t get to say goodbye to, but I’ll be back in the fall for my dissertation defense…