Been watching the webcasts of the plenary sessions at the Berkman@10 conference all day. Good stuff–some familiar from my 2 weeks there last summer for the Oxford Internet Institute–but I’m most excited about the speed with which I’m moving between windows and tabs. Haven’t juggled chatting, twittering, flickring, listening, checking email, searching, and posting to Blackboard for my online students since last July!

Daithí is there and already has some informative summaries up on his blog.

OK back to it. Also love the twitter feed here, since it seems we broke 🙂


give it 2 me

Not sure why it’s in video format when there is only audio of this amazing remix, but had to share what’s keeping me dancing around the house, writing quicker and typing faster. 🙂
The rest of the new Madonna album is growing on me, but this track stands out!

Ellen dancing to the song:

Here’s the official video but it’s no longer on YouTube so I can only share the link.


Look for the Mouse

So glad @zefrank shared the link to this video of Clay Shirky speaking on Web 2.0 and time management.

Both this video and Shirky’s book Here Comes Everybody will help me refocus the first chapter of my dissertation* b/c he makes the very obvious but necessary to hear point that “it’s better to do something than do nothing.” He sets up the binary between television media and participatory media to argue “media that’s targeted at you but doesn’t include you may not be worth sitting still for.” The NOLA bloggers I’m looking at started their blogging and wiking and photo and video-sharing as a result of Katrina and purposefully because they knew the mainstream media would get it wrong. So there you have it.

Go watch, experiment with social software, produce and share!

[*I’m totally a backwards writer. Discovering as you write means the intro has to change a dozen times]