and the award goes to…

It’s that time of year again when the department gives out its Graduate Awards. I couldn’t be more honored! Now that I’m dissertating and have a job lined up, it kinda feels like senior year for me, and this tops it off quite nicely. 🙂

Joseph Bentley Teaching Fellowship: Taylor Joy Mitchell

Estelle J. Zbar Award for Teaching & Academic Excellence in English: Patrick McGowan

Harry S. Newman Award for Academic Promise: Ginna Wilkerson

Dorothy Newman Linton Award for Academic Promise: Bob Batchelor

Irving H. Rubin and Mollie M. Rubin Award for Outstanding Graduate Student: Ann Basso

Alice Hearne Scholarship for Outstanding Doctoral Candidate: Daisy Pignetti

Jack B. Moore Memorial Scholarship: Taylor Joy Mitchell

Irving Deer Memorial Scholarship: Patrick McGowan

John Iorio Award for Outstanding Graduate Student: Cameron Hunt-Logan

Alma Bryant Award for Outstanding Graduate Student: Daisy Pignetti

The Awards Ceremony will be held in a few weeks, so I’ll post pics then. If I get a nice chunk of change from my tax returns, I may even provide video. FYI: Thanks to IJustine’s SXSW coverage, my latest tech-object of desire is this FlipVideo.

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