and for once, it’s not me doing the venting!

As a frequent visitor to the Academic Careers Comp/Rhet wiki, I noticed a week or so ago when all of its content disappeared. I mostly referred to this site before and just after MLA to see who had scheduled interviews and campus visits. Once I got my job offer at the beginning of this month, I didn’t really feel the urge to visit the site as much. Sure, that sounds smarmy, but I also hadn’t seen all that much updating beyond January.

Anyway, now that word has spread about the wiki being hacked, there is a “scratchpad” wikia site serving as a backup. At the main page of this one, however, one can find the “venting” area and all I can say is “WHOA! Am I glad I don’t have to even think about this stuff anymore!” Yeah, I’m still kind of annoyed that some schools haven’t bothered sending rejection letters and that some of the rejection letters I did receive gave me way too much information about who they DID hire, but overall I had a positive experience. Committee members had actually read my CV and expressed interest in my work, so what more could I ask for? I know if I had to go out again next year that I’d be better prepared, but thankfully I won’t be in that position!

I signed my official contract earlier this week and have already started a countdown to moving day calendar!

Now back to the dissertation 😉

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