an offline lesson

I recently spent an unprecedented 5 days offline. And I liked it. In fact, since my return to the web, I’ve only forced myself to log on so to read my online students’ drafts and check email. I find I can focus on my dissertation much better this way, even though those days off produced more editing than new pages… but I will say that those few days back in the Big Easy reminded me how important my research is. “Katrina” or “the storm” is literally uttered every minute and you know we’re all still in a process of healing or dealing with something related to the levee breaches, even on our good days.

My trip last weekend was mainly to see family and friends [and the dentist–look ma, no cavities!] but also included a stop at the Alternative Media Expo where I got to act “researchy” when I saw some of my fellow NOLA bloggers, Leigh and Loki. 😉 That event was very cool and again reminded me of how unique our city and blogging community really is–we all want to spread the word our way and when we get together it’s always a party!

I am going back to NOLA in April for the national Conference on College Composition and Communication, although I wish I could stay an extra few days to be at the 10th anniversary of V-Day and its Superlove event in the Superdome. Go here for more info.


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