online memorial

I’ve not been on Twitter a week yet but have become a fan of how immediate the information shared is. I’ve also become quite fanatical about reading and clicking on the links mentioned in everyone’s 140-character posts. Perhaps it’s because I’ve chosen extremely interesting and tech-savvy people to follow?

Sadly, though, we have lost one of our own. I wasn’t reading ashPEAmama’s updates, but found out that she died in a car accident from Susan Reynolds, herself a woman coping with breast cancer. BTW: You must check out Susan’s blog, Boobs On Ice™ as well as this Washington Post article about her online efforts and web community.
As Susan “tweeted” earlier: “Twitter again shows the potential to make lightning fast connections & do good in ways unheard of until now.”

Below is the link to donate to Ashley’s memory. She was a young mother of 2 who, as evident by this page of her final Twitter postings, was so happy her LSU Tigers won the other night.

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