Like Rebecca Traister, the author of this Salon piece on Hillary v Chris Matthews, I too am not a Hillary supporter. But last night I was glad she proved the pundits wrong. I don’t have cable but, surprise surprise, I read the play-by-plays on what they were saying about her on Twitter.

As a woman wants to be taken seriously, I was annoyed at how the final word on Hillary the other night at the debate was about her wardrobe. But I also didn’t like her girly response to the likability question, “Well, that hurts my feelings…” I haven’t seen the video of her tearing up, but that’s no reason why people, even her fellow opponents, should gang up on her.

The Salon essay is great, so I won’t blather on anymore. Go read it and let me know what you think.

See also the links Jill points us to in her post on the matter.

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  1. Although this comment is not in response to Hillary, I hope you’ll accept it nonetheless. My name is Ami, and I’m an MA in English student in Kentucky. I’m writing my mentored scholarly paper using trauma theory, and your past blogs under that subject have been extremely interesting reads, especially the interdisciplinary stuff. Just thought I’d stop in and say hi. 🙂


  2. Having seen only a brief (constant viewing) of the tearing, I feel that it has been really overblown. Hillary was speaking from the heart and her heart let us know that she is genuinely concerned about the future of the country and being frustrated at having no real power her emotions came into play and it looked as if she were crying. She regained control quickly and proceeded to field other questions in a cool controlled manner.

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