here i go again

joining another site that prompts me to write in shorter spurts than this blog.

First it was delicious, where I don’t have to write anything at all, just tag. Then it was Facebook with its status updates. And now I’m talking about Twitter, which asks me to answer “What are you doing?” in 140 characters or less.

I didn’t really get why anyone would join, especially since I’m not one to text a lot. Then the Iowa caucuses happened and I could see firsthand how instant information from a variety of voices and witnesses was much more powerful than the cable news guys. This piece on techPresident.com called it:

Post-macaca, predictions abounded of citizens armed with camera phones bringing us live coverage of everything. It hasn’t happened… yet… but we saw a glimpse of the future tonight in Iowa. Perhaps the era of blogs and YouTube is giving way to the age of Twitter and UStream

Might this be the way we go? I can already tell that students might like it more than blogging because of its chatty nature, but then what would the lesson in writing be? Getting your point across in 140 characters or less? More than anything, their tech literacy practices would be pushed to new levels due to the need to shorten links [thank you tinyurl.com], navigate across tabs, and actually sit still at a computer and hit refresh in order to check for replies so they may fully contribute to a conversation. Interesting possibilities…

On a more personal note, I wonder what it would have been like to have a Twitter account last week when I was at MLA? Would I have updated my status after each interview? I guess we’ll never know…until I get [fingers crossed] campus visits 😉

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