holiday travel

Flew up to Chicago today with intentions to drive over to my husband’s family home in Minnesota. All I can say is snow, wind, snow, a lame white Mustang Convertible as our rental car!!!!!, snow, snow, wind, snow.

We may have been able to push on, but here we are, halfway there, in a hotel in the Wisconsin Dells with free wifi and a Domino’s Pizza. Oh and local tv ads for cheese stores and even though the Bears kicked their ass today! 🙂

2 thoughts on “holiday travel

  1. 🙂 My cousin just slid in under the wire ex-Chicago… arriving only 30min late. My brother was delayed in Chicago by 4 hours, arriving at 2:30am at the final destination! But my sister-in-law has the story to end all stories. Delayed first in Dallas, then Chicago, she finally got on a bus/shuttle with some other passengers for a destination 1 hour away from where she needed to be and then hitched a ride with another passenger who had been heading to the same city. It took her 72 hours just to get to her family’s xmas celebration… I told her that next year, rather than splitting the family visits, she should just come spend it with us!

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