XOXO! An early Christmas gift!

I was not at all expecting to receive my XO laptop before Christmas since I ordered it a little later than most, so imagine my surprise when a loud knock came at the door this evening. As soon as I saw the box, I screamed, “It’s my XO!” and I put everything down. Sadly, I really don’t think I will start playing with it until after the holidays and MLA. We’re traveling soon and I’ve got too much writing and thinking to do before my interviews.

I hope also that the T-Mobile hotspot subscription comes in by then so I can get Starbucks drinkers to hop on board the OLPC initiative. 😉

2 thoughts on “XOXO! An early Christmas gift!

  1. shhhh…. be careful there Dr. Daisy! some of us might get a little upset with you. 😉 Not only can’t we get the tax deduction, but we can’t even get the machine we just shelled $$ out for! (Not to mention the tax and duty issue, which I bet you they will also download onto us).

    xo CG.

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