ABD or Stress and The City

I’ve been trying to remain focused and positive this semester, but it has been difficult, mainly because I’m teaching three classes, trying to write the dissertation, and organizing/composing/submitting materials for the job search. I’ve never had such a hectic Fall, and I wonder, what could I have done to be better prepared? Should I have looked into fellowships? Should I have gone to Princeton like this NYTimes article suggests? 😉

I remain driven though because I am so ready to get out of Tampa. I’ll try not to offend its natives, but I’m sick of the traffic, the crowds, and the lack of true hospitality or basic friendliness, especially at my apartment complex. It may be because I attend a commuter school and the size of the city is massive in comparison to other places I’ve lived, but I’d rather stay home and order in than deal with anyone. Even when Andy and I decided to elope and had to find a catsitter, we couldn’t count on any of our friends here to commit to stopping by or taking her, either because of it being the summertime and they were taking trips too or because of the driving distance it would require.

All is not negative though. A recent drive to the USF St. Pete campus proved that a long drive is sometimes worth it! I’ll forever be indebted to TC and his class for letting me practice, quite extemporaneously, my job talk. It refueled my passion for my dissertation and made me aware of various directions my look at the post-Katrina blogosphere can go even after I graduate.

After Thanksgiving I think things will calm down and I know my Spring teaching schedule is going to be much easier, so I just need to relax and take it e-e-zay…sigh MIKA

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