Mapping the Job Search

After taking Clancy’s post on location and hiring into consideration and also attempting to organize the job postings that have piqued my interest in an Excel spreadsheet and failing miserably, I decided to try out My Maps on Google. As with all things Google, it was terribly easy and, not only can I geographically see where I might end up living next year [fingers crossed I get a job first time out on the market], I can add deadline dates, photos, links, and any notes I damn well please!

Take that Excel…you and your tiny rows and columns…

5 thoughts on “Mapping the Job Search

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  2. I avoided the “first time strike out” problem by somewhat recklessly beginning to apply to jobs for a few years before I was really ready, but seriously Daisy, you have quite a lot going for you, so keep on keepin’ on.

  3. You would think that a person of your abilities the Head Hunters would be jumping at your feet to bring you into their fold. You are better than qualified for anything out there and should be able to tell the head hunters “I’ll think about it”. Hang in there girl, you deserve the very best and they are out there not knowing what they are missing.

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