K-Ville and Co.


Fox’s attempt at a show about cops in post-Katrina NOLA debuts tonight. This Times-Picayune review seems dead on about what clichés to expect, “One of the main cops drinks on the job, tortures a crime suspect and makes gratuitous gumbo references,” but you know I’m gonna watch anyway. I know too many local actors who are bound to have cameos so there is no way I would miss it!

UPDATED: Chris Rose’s review, like others I’ve heard this morning, expresses our surprise and worry that the show may get cancelled.

Oh and speaking of Katrina, both good news and bad news came my way today. The good news is that my parents had their closing Road Home appointment today and the “check is in the mail,” for real this time! The bad news is that I waited too long to submit a proposal for a SSRC Katrina grant. I made contact in June and was told there was no deadline. With my summer travel out of state and out of the country, I put it off only to discover that they’ve run out of funds. Damn damn damn.

One less thing to write, I guess, especially now that the job list has come out!

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