I’ve never liked Oprah, particularly after she did that “look at my fabulous week-long birthday party and how much people with money love me” segment a couple years ago, but this takes the cake.


Chris Rose’s book is amazing and I’ve required my students buy it, so let’s hope the word gets out and Americans do flock to bookstores!

EDITED 8/30–Not sure if word spread, but on Oprah’s website, the re-cap includes the following:

Chris Rose, a Pulitzer Prize-nominated columnist in New Orleans, wrote the book 1 Dead in Attic. Although he has no history of mental health problems, Chris is one of many Gulf-area residents who eventually found himself on the edge. “I’ve had a number of friends kill themselves since the storm. I now understood why people did such things.”

3 thoughts on “AS NOT SEEN ON OPRAH!

  1. What a great column! I loved his tone through the entire piece. “…along with many other job titles, Oprah is America’s librarian” — classic.

  2. Do I misunderstand? I was under the impression that “America’s librarian” would not let Mr. Rose mention his book on air. What a nice lady, right?

  3. As Rudy said I also believed that Chris wasn’t allowed to mention his book but based on the synopsis of the show he was allowed to mention the book. In my opinion Chris utilized his writing ability to release some of the tension associated with the after effects of Katrina. It was in his writing that so many of his readers noticed his calling out for help. Oprah should have recognized that Chris realized his need for help via his writing and that fact that so many of us also realized that he was in trouble or at the least heading that way. I also hope that more people call for copies of his book and it does make it to the top ten book list because it is a wonderful piece of material.

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