Katrina Drama

With the 2 year anniversary coming up, NOLA theatre writer David Cuthbert has written a great piece on all of the works written and performed by locals, those “creative voices… raised in response.” Here’s a snippit from the section that features my best friend, Rudy:

[In Fleeing Katrina there is] Rudy Rasmussen, a hotel concierge/actor and one of the funniest people you will ever meet in life or onstage. Rasmussen, a flip, glib live wire, proved to be the voice of reason at the American Can Apartments building where he still lives. “We have food and we have Scotch,” he told his neighbors, “everything’s OK.” His mother, Ione Rasmussen, the longtime band director at Ridgewood Preparatory School, was infirm and, as something of a local legend, wasn’t used to being told what to do. Rasmussen had to cajole, plead and bully her to safety via helicopter and two planes. Along the way they met Geraldo Rivera, Al Gore and his kids (“sweating and helping people at the airport, changing people’s diapers — he’s a hero to me”) and ended up flying to Houston on a private jet.

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