Harry Potter mania

At the beginning of the week I found out that Harvard Square was turning itself into Hogwarts Square in honor of the release of the 7th Harry Potter book. Since I am still in the midst of book 5, I knew I would not be hurrying to get a copy, but 1000s of people in Cambridge, MA certainly took to the streets in what I can only compare to a New Year’s celebration and rock concert all wrapped up as one!

4 thoughts on “Harry Potter mania

  1. Hey! I was there! It was ridiculous. I think there may have been more than a thousand people there. There are three bookstores right in H. Sq. — I’m not sure about the children’s store, but the other two had extremely long lines out the door. A few obnoxious kids were running around, turning to the last page and trying to spoil it for the others. I saw some little kids with their parents walking by, blocking their ears and yelling angrily at the spoilers to shut up. I think some of these kids are going to need therapy if Harry dies. Since I’m not into the books, I found it all a bit bizarre.

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