Day 1 of OII's SDP

Last week I was frantically printing out readings for the highlight of my summer: Oxford Internet Institute’s Summer Doctoral Programme. I was also prepping myself for 2 weeks away from my 2 favorite mammals. After some emotional goodbyes, I left on Sunday.

After arriving to hotter than usual Boston and learning that my dorm room was on the fourth floor, no elevator and no air conditioner, I was very cranky. But I washed my face then went to meet the group for drinks at Cambridge Common.

It looks like there are 30+ of us doctoral students interested in, most generally speaking, internet studies. Everyone is very nice and laid back and it will be great to hear more about all of the dissertation projects since in my own department at USF I am the only one focusing on computers and writing. I still feel that my project may be more evocative than others, but during our opening session today I could see how it connected to the general idea of how the internet impacts our everyday life and culture, how trust is created online, and this thing we often call virtual communities.

I have more notes from Day 1 will have to share them for later. Day 2 is about to begin!

Check out our Flickr photo pool to see what were up to…

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