Rising Tide 2

The Rising Tide Conference will be a gathering for all who wish to learn more and do more to assist New Orleans’ recovery from the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and the failure of the levees that were supposed to protect the area.

We will come together to dispel myths, promote facts, share personal testimonies, highlight progress and regress, discuss recovery ideas, and promote sound policies at all levels. We aim to be a “real life” demonstration of internet activism as the nation prepares to mark the two year anniversary of a massive natural disaster followed by governmental failures on a similar scale.

While I don’t think I will be able to make it there this year due to personal travel only days before, this year’s Rising Tide looks to be bigger and better with its theme likely changing from “Action, Accountability, Corruption, Determination and Responsibility” to “No Holding Back.” I say “likely” because there is a poll for which tagline works best.

To see conference planning efforts in action, check out the wiki and the latest meeting minutes. You can also check out these blogs from Maitri and Dangerblond.

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