Since I don’t have much to blog about this hot and lazy [though secretly productive] summer, I thought I might share a quick post about my new dedication to pilates. My favorite group fitness teacher took the summer off to begin her graduate studies, so I had to find something to replace the cardio-dance workouts. A ball workout, pilates, and a class called “ab attack” have become my regular routine and I love them all! I never weigh myself so I don’t know if I am losing weight, but I feel leaner and stronger and that’s much more important!

I knew that as a former ballet dancer I should like pilates, but the first time I took it a couple years ago, the room was very crowded and I couldn’t see the instructor. Now I go early in the morning, twice a week, and it’s wonderful. It hurts my legs like crazy when I’m doing it, but I miss it on the days when I’m not working out.

I leave for my 2 weeks at Harvard this Sunday and by the looks of the schedule so far, I may have my evenings free to hit the Dance Complex and try out their pilates and other stretch classes!

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