dissertation desk

We spent all day cleaning up the apartment, setting aside tons of paper to recycle, and moving bookshelves from room to room. The initial plan was to have our living room have 3 writing spaces–1 for me, 1 for Andy, and 1 common computer station–but once I saw how much space was in our spare bedroom, I went for that area. This is the room that has been deemed the “animal room” because all the reptiles/amphibians live there in their respective tanks. Needless to say, Sweetness and I rarely enter that room. But now that I have to shift into serious writing mode and cannot afford to hang out at a Starbucks or Panera everyday, I decided to let the cold-blooded creature be my muse. 😉

I know books will soon take over, so here’s a nice, clean, “before” picture.


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