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Everyday I log on and wonder what to blog about. I start a post, then get bored with it and delete it before publishing. Lately, I’ve become more private with what I want to share on my blog, mainly because I’ve shifted into “to-do” mode with several lists of things to accomplish this summer. A lot of time will be spent doing academic reading, but I also have a couple trips in mind.

Anyway, I find myself on MySpace a lot more [than I ever expected] and communicating with friends in that public/semi-private space. Perhaps because I hope to go on the job market this year, I’m being extra careful to not divulge too much of my personal life or complain about things going on in my academic life [potential IRB issues, etc.].

Mainly, I’ve just been trying to get used to the freedom that being ABD offers! I’ve been working out more than usual and going to school to read/grade papers diligently, but who wants to read a blog about that?

Wah wah wah. I know once I come across links I like I will share them.

In fact, here’s a project that Clancy called to my attention.

The Webcomic project’s “about” page is here, with the chapters starting here.

A.D. tells the story of Katrina and its aftermath from the perspective of real people still dealing with the storm each and every day. A two-part prologue sets the scene and shows the storm, almost like a silent movie. In chapter one, we meet the people whose lives we’ll be following over the course of one year, with audio and video augmenting the comic itself on our active blog. A.D. is a nonfiction graphic novel, a new approach to storytelling, and a multifaceted peek into the personal tales emerging from the storm of the century.

One thought on “public and private

  1. I hear you! I’ve always been a to do list girl but I feel like my life has just moved into a new realm of lists! In fact, I was also thinking of just turning my blog into a to do list format!

    It’s tricky though, yes, the public and the private. But this is part of your research, right? So perhaps it’s appropriate that you deal with this issue!

    And…A.D.! One of my students wrote about the project last semester and it was the first I’d heard about it. I’m so addicted.

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