more blogosphere attention to NOLA

“New Orleans shows signs of hope and grief” They quote bloggers from First-Draft and this is the link to their Katrina category.

A passage I found moving [although I don’t know why they didn’t give his blog address]:

Sinfonian, who blogs from Florida, said he has a lot of emotional attachment for New Orleans, so he wanted to do something besides write about it.

“I was stunned and moved by what I saw,” Sinfonian said. “When you consider it has been 20 months, it’s very sobering.”

Sinfonian said the character and resilience of the people made an impression on him. “The spirit seemed to be alive,” he said. “That was motivating and heartening to me.”

Even though he has experienced hurricanes at close range, he didn’t see Florida communities with the same kind of shared connectedness.

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