teaching the levees

Just heard about this great project called Teaching the Levees coming out of Teachers College @ Columbia U. Their list of advisory board members looks fantastic.

While the footage of Spike Lee’s film is especially emotional for me, I cannot wait to receive the packet and start planning my Fall courses. I’m pasting in their key questions and goals below, and if you notice, the final one is exactly what I was trying to figure out for myself in my VA Tech post.

This curriculum centers on the following questions:

* What do the events surrounding Hurricane Katrina say about who we are as a country?
* How do we engage in structured, effective, and honest dialogues about controversial issues in our schools, colleges, and community groups?
* What can we do as citizens in response to a failure of government like that in Katrina?

The two core goals for this project are 1) stimulating discussion about the events associated with Hurricane Katrina, and 2) educating educators and the public about how to engage productively in democratic dialogues about difficult issues.

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