4Cs in 5 hours

Considering my stupid virus, my conference experience was not as full as I would have liked. I presented yesterday morning and don’t feel good about how extemperaneous I was. I would have liked to read from note cards and be a little more professional, but I hope the content of my slides spoke for themselves. I did meet some great Katrina-interested folk and ran into fellow bloggers before my job interview. That, too, was different than I expected, more straightforward Q & A than a conversation, but considering it was my first one, I think I did well.

We shall see.

Right now I am hanging with old friends and their precious baby girl. I will post pics of her later.

2 thoughts on “4Cs in 5 hours

  1. You did a very good job on your presentation. You were well-spoken, and you made your points clearly and in an interesting manner. You’ve got nothing to worry about.

    I’m sorry I wasn’t more responsive at the time. I was just worn out from trying to get to too many things in too short a time. I was taking it all in, though. I hope I can get caught up enough to blog about it soon.

    It was great to finally meet you. I’m sorry we didn’t get to really speak. Here’s hoping for better luck next year.

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