Day 2, getting tired

Day 2 of my exams was in the area of trauma theory. Since I’ve been reading texts of this nature for about a year now and the details are typically vivid, I wasn’t nervous about recalling the central themes. I was, however, freaked out when I got to school and all of a sudden felt exhausted. I bought a smoothie to perk me up and just kept my I-pod on my “Mix 4 Exams Playlist.” 😉

A half hour before I was to go in to take the test I was pumped up and that lasted about three hours. The last hour of my exam I was fading but I managed to answer all of the questions I needed to, but the last short 2 answers might not be as developed as the others. Oh well…one more day to go!

I got a lot of sleep last night so all I will do today is stay home and read til about 6pm tonight when I go to my ZUMBA class. Yay!

One thought on “Day 2, getting tired

  1. It’s too late now, but bring some nuts (peanuts, macadamia,almonds, whatever) if you’re also going to have a sugary/fruity smoothie! You’ve got to have some protein to balance out the sugar. (I tend to ignore that usually, but made a point to balance my sugars and protein tonight, since I was in the pit for a 3-hour long musical…with very little dialogue). We’re pulling for ya!

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