countdown til PhD exams

Haven’t blogged because I’ve been either studying or procrastinating in ways that keep me off the computer, namely by working out! I’ve lost 3 pounds but a whole bunch more inches all in the past month, so that’s making me happy. Certain pairs of pants are fitting again, and just in time for warmer weather! Yay!

In “If Katrina hadn’t happened…” news, my parents are down to 1 cat after having 3 vivacious ones. It looks like there’s some wild creatures-either cats or dogs-that like to fight with my parents’ kitties so they’ve been getting beaten up badly. One had to be put to sleep over a month ago and the other my dad brought to the vet so they could take care of him and also adopt him out. We’re all upset about this because, despite my father’s asthma preventing them from having an inside cat these days, if Katrina hadn’t taken our 13-year-old Trina cat away, they wouldn’t have ended up with 3 new kittens in the first place! It’s so hard because you get attached so quickly. These little cats were like the 3 muskateers and now that they’ve grown a bit and started to explore the Mississippi terrain, they’ve gotten hurt. I wish Andy and I lived closer to my parents that we could drive over and bring the cat(s) back home with us, but again, we’re stuck here until school comes to an end. 🙁

Let’s hope that my PhD exams next week are the first step in the direction of getting me closer to being finished and outta here!

Here they are when they were tiny

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