80s feel

Yes, life was simpler for me in the 80s and the music was fab-u-lous, so what could make a girl happier than the opening sequence to the Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore movie, Music and Lyrics.

If you must know, Andy and I were on our way to the Tampa Theatre to see Peter O’Toole in Venus, but missed the downtown exit. (We never go downtown AND construction around “malfunction junction” has actually gotten rid of the exit all together when driving south on I-275.) So knowing that the historic theatre was not likely to show tons of previews that would make up for our tardy arrivale, we opted for the movie theatre at the mall and “happened” to get there in time for Hugh’s big 80s hair and totally awesome dance moves.

Couldn’t you just watch this over and over???

P.S. The movie wasn’t all that great and I definitely won’t add the DVD to my collection when it comes out, but I did leave the movie theatre humming many of the songs. Broadway lyricist Stephen Sondheim has been known to rather “play alienating musical games with his audience then send them out of the theater humming a good, old-fashioned tune,” but something about the 80s genre calls for it, don’t you think?

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