when harry met daisy


Well as my last post suggested, I had both tickets and an “in” to the Harry Connick Jr show this past Saturday night. Frankly, I didn’t think this would impress many people as I’ve been to several of his Orpheus Mardi Gras balls and run into him at the Ritz Carlton French Quarter bar a couple of times too, but I guess I can see how it is a bigger deal than usual in this post-Will and Grace world. 🙂

Seriously, the show was fantastic and is comprised mainly of New Orleans songs. My eyes welled up with tears a few times because it felt like I was home and just hearing Harry say “Yeah You Rite” made me realize even more how much I love and miss my New Orleans. I am literally counting the days til I can go back and don’t care how much it costs, I want to make more weekend trips than ever before. This urgency must stem from my self-imposed police state, but it had to be done all in the name of comprehensive exams. One more week!!

But back to Harry–he told lots of funny stories in between songs and Andy loved that. The finale song was my favorite “Mardi Gras in New Orleans,” although I didn’t even know that was its official title til I just looked it up. I always think of it as “Get your ticket in your hand…down on St. Claude and Dumaine…etc.” Anyway, this was the only song Harry shook his tailfeather to, so here’s my haphazard video capture of that:

After the show, Andy and I donned our backstage passes and got in line to meet the man himself. He was pretty subdued and only could chat with people for a few minutes, but I got my autographs, a quick pic and thanked him for all he’s doing for NOLA because, despite how silly he can be on talk shows, he does always bring up how much NOLA needs help and reminds us of Habitat for Humanity’s goals.

Here are the pics–enjoy and go see Harry if he comes to a city near you!



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