hip hip harry

I didn’t win the dance contest at school last night, which is no biggie, but I did leave the event kind of down because not a lot of people were there. Even our leader N.C. was too tired from a full day at work to pump us up, and the people in charge with megaphones were barely audible. Again, it made me miss my folkdancing days in New Orleans where everyone is so loud and energetic.

I find myself more prone to homesickness these days because I know my days here are numbered if I get a certain job that would put me back in NOLA. The interview isn’t til late March though and before then I have my exams, papers due, and all sorts of other stuff to work on. I just want March to get here!!!

Speaking of my exams, my last night of self-proclaimed study-free freedom wil be tonight when we go see Harry Connick Jr in concert. My best girl’s boyfriend is one of his producers, so we thought we might be able to get a hook up with tix; however, all the $$$ from tickets is going to Habitat for Humanity, so the office couldn’t make any exceptions. That’s fine with me–we’ve decided to pay the full price tonight [even on our lowly grad student stipends] and enjoy the music. I’ll bring my camera too b/c we did get an “in” to the afterparty.

Oh my NOLA!

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